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By Allison Adams 03-20-10, Submitted to The Greeneville Sun on 03-21-10

Dear Mother Nature,

I just wanted to take a couple of minutes to say thanks for throwing us a bone last Saturday.

I can say with certainty that if there’s one thing we all have in common in this small corner of the world, it’s been our united anxiety at the unusually l-o-n-g winter we’ve experienced. No offense.

You know I’m a winter-lover. I don’t mind the cold air. I even love the snow – every single flake! (You’ve really outdone yourself there.) But I also love a blue sky. And you can call me crazy (these days, I am) but I really need to see the sun every once in a while.

Or at least a little break in the clouds.

You’re probably aware that for the most part, all we’ve been able to talk about in this neck of the woods have been the ill-effects of our stinking economy, and the lack of good, natural lighting – if you get my drift.

I realized recently that for several weeks I have managed to start, or end, every conversation – even the conversations I have had with my own self – with some unappreciative, ungrateful remark about the condition of the weather.

I am not alone.

Just about everyone I know – and even those I don’t – seemed determined to share their observances about their extreme distaste for the cold, the wet, and most specifically – the day-after-day, dreary color of gray.

If it were practical, I would have offered you a little lipstick and mascara … or a box of Lady Clairol … because – pardon my frankness, Mother Nature – but gray is not your best color.

I think my fellow Freudians would agree that in large doses, the color gray does strange things to people. It’s a drab background against which almost everything looks dull, and as a result it makes us susceptible us to those other dreaded “d” words: depression, dysfunction, and vitamin D deficiency.

Extreme exposure to grayness evokes our inner-Eeyeore.

Thankfully, as I mentioned earlier, last Saturday you changed all that!

Last Saturday was payday! You didn’t just throw a ray of sunshine our way – you rolled-up the winter window shade to reveal a clear, blue sky surrounding the star of the day!

Last Saturday we flung open our windows, dug out our sunglasses, flip-flops, and madras shorts – and flocked outdoors, because we had to see it, to believe it.

The natural light was so good we finally noticed the trees budding, flowers blooming, and grass greening.

We fished, golfed, shot hoops, tossed Frisbees, pitched baseballs, and swung racquets. We mowed our yards, and planted pansies – whistling while we worked.

It was the perfect day for a long ride in a convertible … or in a car with the windows rolled down. We rode bicycles, jogged, walked, and sat still – soaking up the solar energy.

We cranked-up the music, fired-up the Weber, and cooked-up the first meal in months that didn’t require a stewpot, and soup spoons.

We waved to each other. We smiled when we spoke. And I realized that I managed to start or end every conversation – even the conversations I had with my own self – with an uplifting remark about the condition of the weather.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I know, I know – the weather we’ve grown weary of is not quite over yet. We can’t have spring without a little soft rain. But Saturday was just what I needed to be reminded that you’ve been at work all winter long – preparing to strut your stuff when its time to reveal your new spring line.

I’m ready when you are.

Yours truly,

Yours truly.

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  1. My very, very most favorite.

    Of all time I think!

    Love, Gahgoo